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What is a protein treatment

Posted by HenJa' on January 18, 2013 at 4:00 PM


What is a protein treatment and what does it do?


Hi ladies! Forgive me for slacking on blogging! I must do better for the new year!


Anyways, A protein treatment is an excellent regimen to add to your bi/tri-monthly routine if you have one of the following:


Color, relaxer, texturizers, or use heat regularly.


Notice that I said bi/tri-monthly (every 2-3 months). Overdosing on protein will eventually dry out your hair; which of course is not what we want. You must remember to balance protein with moisture. What I do for my clients is a protein treatment, sit them under the dryer for 15 mins, THOROUGHLY rinse the treatment out, then place a 5-1/6-1 deep conditioning treatment on their hair and place them under the dryer for 30 minutes to restore treatment.


For women who color and straighten their hair, protein treatments strengthen areas of the hair that are weakened by chemicals. They work to build your hair shaft back up because much of the daily care and "extras" you do to create a hairstyle chip away at your hair's cuticle, or outer layer. Even if you chemically treat your hair and it seems healthy enough, a bi-monthly or tri-monthly treatment will keep it in tip-top shape.


If you have any of these signs, try a protein treatment and follow a regular protein regimen right away:


Loss of elasticity - Hair in good condition can stretch under normal conditions without breaking. If you're wondering about the elasticity in your hair, try this test: stretch wet hair and see if it easily snaps back without breaking. If it does, your hair is in good shape. If you stretch it and it breaks easily, you need to increase the protein in your hair.

Serious damage - When hair has been overprocessed with chemicals, it can feel and look like seaweed when it's wet. When dry, it may feel like a rough Brillo pad. This isn't regular dryness that black hair is prone to. Although black hair may not feel exactly like silk, healthy hair is soft to the touch.

Severe breakage - This isn't the average hair shedding that everyone experiences on a daily basis. Regular shedding often comes out in a comb or brush. When your hair breaks due to weakness, you'll find strands of it everywhere; on your pillow, on the back of your seat, on your shirt. It may make a snapping or popping sound when you comb it.

For severe damage, a protein treatment may hold off the inevitable and prevent shedding all over the place, but eventually you should cut off all of your damaged hair. This is the only way to enjoy healthy hair over your entire head!


***CUT ALL DAMAGED HAIR OFF! It can not be restored***

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