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Bananas for Healthy Skin & Hair

Posted by HenJa' on May 3, 2014 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (1)

Bananas are commonly available throughout the world and widely eaten. They are a source of ready energy and help sustain blood sugar levels. Thus, they are the ideal food to be eaten before rigorous exercise. They can lower blood pressure and protect against heart attacks and strokes due their high potassium and low salt composition. They help treat depression since they contain tryptophan, which is converted into the neurotransmitter serotonin in the body. Serotonin plays a role in elevating mood. For this reason, bananas can also help relieve symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome. They also treat insomnia by promoting the production of melatonin, which is the hormone that induces sleep.



Bananas also prevent muscle cramps. They can replenish the body’s supply of calcium that is lost in urine and can help build strong bones. Due to their iron content, they can treat anemia and boost the production of red blood cells.



Bananas are a good source of vitamin B6. Due to this, they promote the production of white blood cells, fortify the nervous system, and help you lose weight, prevent the development of type II diabetes, and reduce swelling of limbs.



Even the banana peel, which is usually considered a waste product, has many uses. Banana peels contain proteins, essential amino acid, polyunsaturated fatty acids, potassium, and fiber. They also contain polyphenols and carotenoids. This miracle fruit has several benefits for skin and hair as well.



Cures acne


Rubbing a banana peel on acne-affected skin before bed time will help reduce the condition. Wash your face in the morning. You should be able to see results after a week of regular application.



Treats hair loss and dandruff


Applying a mixture of mashed banana and yoghurt to hair for a month will reduce hair loss and treat dandruff. You should leave the mixture on for an hour before washing off. This remedy also makes hair very shiny.



Softens skin


Banana pulp is ideal for softening skin due to its vitamin A and potassium content. A scrub made of mashed bananas and granulated sugar will soften the face and hands. The sugar granules will remove dead skin cells while the banana will pamper the skin.



Alternatively, another scrub made of banana, oatmeal, and coconut milk can also be used once a week to maintain soft and healthy skin. Oatmeal is less abrasive than sugar and coconut milk nourishes skin, bringing a glow.



Crushed strawberries, mashed bananas, and sugar make an excellent body scrub.



A paste of bananas, uncooked rice, and coconut milk is another good mixture for the face.



Conditions hair


Say goodbye to frizzy hair with a banana mask. A mixture of mashed bananas and honey will condition hair and reduce frizz. Ensure that hair is damp before application of the mask. The mixture can be applied to the hair as well as the scalp. Wrap your head in a towel and allow the absorption of the mixture into the scalp.



Another pack that can be used is a mixture of banana, olive oil, and egg white. This mask makes hair shiny and healthy.



For damaged hair, a mixture of ripe banana, coconut milk, and cocoa powder can be applied. This pack repairs damaged hair and makes it soft.



Yet another mixture for dry and damaged hair is mashed bananas and almond oil. Vitamins A, C, and E present in the ingredients nourish hair and make it soft, shiny, and healthy. Leave this pack on for 10-15 minutes before washing off with a good quality shampoo.



Hydrates skin


This tip is useful for people with dry and dull skin. Mashed banana applied to the face for 15-20 minutes can put the moisture back into your skin. You should wash off the banana with tepid water and then finish with a splash of cold water to close pores.



A mixture of banana and honey can also reduce pigmentation of skin, in addition to moisturizing it.



Treats oily skin


Banana can even reduce the oiliness of skin. A mixture of ripe bananas and lemon juice can remove excess oil from your face. The vitamin C content of banana discourages further oil production.



Another mask that can be used is made of mashed ripe bananas, sandalwood powder, and honey. This mask should be left on for around 25 minutes. Sandalwood powder removes excess oil from the face.



Treats itchy scalp


A mixture of bananas, avocado, and yoghurt can treat itchy scalp. You should leave it on for 20 minutes before washing off with lukewarm water. The potassium present in banana is the ingredient that reduces itchiness.



Prevents aging of skin


Move over anti-aging creams, you have the humble banana on the kitchen counter at your service! Avocados contain vitamin E, which is known to prevent wrinkles and fine lines from appearing on your face. Bananas have an antioxidant effect, wherein they capture free radicals formed in the skin due to the effect of environmental pollutants or the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and prevent them from damaging the cell membranes. A mixture of banana and avocado is a potent anti-aging combination.



Rose water mixed with mashed bananas is another anti-aging formula. The pack should be applied to the face and neck. Leave on for half an hour and the wash off with tepid water.



Reduces puffiness of eyes


The potassium in banana helps reduce puffy eyes. Rub banana pulp beneath eyes and see the difference! Alternatively, eating bananas regularly will also keep puffy eyes at bay as the potassium regulates the electrolyte balance in the body and prevents water retention.



Treats cracked heels


Cracked heels can be naturally treated by applying the pulp of bananas and leaving it on for 10 minutes. You will not stop admiring your soft and pink heels.



Removes warts


Regular application of the inside of banana peels can reduce the appearance of warts and can treat psoriasis.



Soothes mosquito bites


Mosquito bites and bug bites can be soothed by rubbing the inside of banana peels on the lesions. They also promote quick healing of skin.

Search Engine Diaries

Posted by HenJa' on March 17, 2013 at 2:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Like I stated in a previous blog, I'm able to see the things that people search and what brings them to my website. I saw a person search "how to get mold out of your tracks" **RED FLAG!!** DON'T! Please throw the molded hair away. Mold is a fungus and my recommendation if it appears to be on your tracks, is to disregard all contaminated pieces. It could easily be a reoccurring problem that you will get tired of dealing with. 

How to prevent mold on tracks:

Shampoo/condition your hair thoroughly and sit under the dryer for your hair to completely dry or hang your weave up on pants hangers

Do not put a bonnet or scarf on wet hair and seclude it from air

Natural hair DONTS

Posted by HenJa' on March 15, 2013 at 7:25 PM Comments comments (2)


Many people think that because they have natural hair, there is possibly NO WAY that they could go wrong. BUT WAIT! That couldn't be more FALSE. I find that a lot of natural people do not comb their hair at LEAST every other day, they do not moisturize their hair, and they don't keep their hair trimmed.


The hot weather is approaching slowly but surely and keeping your hair MOISTURIZED is essential. It's like the LIFE of your hair. When you continuously shampoo your hair once or twice every week with shampoos and conditioners that are not professional products that contain alcohol, you only dry your hair out. The best type of moisturizer is a type of oil (ie argon or morrocan). Grease clogs your pores which can then stunt your hair growth. The area to focus on the most is your ends. (If you have color in your hair, deep condition bi weekly)


I know that many of you wear your natural curls or flat twist, that's not an excuse to not comb your hair at least every other day. I'm currently doing the no heat challenge and I went 4 days with out combining my hair (which is texturized) and it was tangled!! The reason why our hair gets tangled and should really be combed daily is because we shed 50-100 strands a day. When you have those loose strands lingering in your hair, it gets tangled up with your other hair which then makes it harder for you to comb out. All in all, do what I do for my no heat challenge.I at least run my fingers thought my hair every day before re-twisting for bed.


Trims are important. They play another huge factor as to why our hair tangles up. Many naturals think that if they aren't using heat to flat iron or blow dry their hair, they don't need a trim. FALSE. Because if you aren't keeping your hair MOISTURIZED it becomes dry, brittle, and breaks; which means you need to trim your hair. Regardless, I recommend getting natural hair trimmed at least 3 times a year IF you don't use heat. If you use heat, 4-5 times a year. Be sure to find a professional that actually knows what the word trim means and doesn't use extreme temperatures to flat iron your hair.

Stunted Hair Growth?/No HEAT Challenge

Posted by HenJa' on March 13, 2013 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (2)

We all go through periods each year where our hair just doesn't seem to be growing; Because I know I do. What I did for a year was wore sew-ins (I took them out and got them redone every month and a half). That helped with the growth of my hair and gave me a chance to give my hair a break from the heat. But, now a days, my hair doesn't seem to like being braided up for a sew-in because my scalp itchs like CRAZY. So, for the month of MARCH I personally decided to challenge myself to a NO HEAT CHALLENGE.

I challenge everyone to pick a month in the fall/winter and a month in the spring/summer to do the no heat challenge to see how your hair changes and grows.

For the entire month of March I will only air dry my hair. As stated in a blog a while back, I was converting from regular relaxers to texturizers. I started in July 2011, and I have about 2 inches of relaxed hair at the ends left. Texturizers have provided me with "relaxed" hair BUT also with a curl. So flat twists make for a great style for me now. Where as before I had to cornrow my hair for waves.

The air drying style consists of flat twist and nothing else. I do about 5 or 6 flat twist, unravel in the AM and I'm on my way. At night I retwist and have no problems maintaing the curl/wave pattern for a week at a time. 

The other challenge I am participating in is oiling my scalp NIGHTLY. I wouldn't dare do that to my hair when wearing my wrap because I like for my hair to flow and move lol


Tips on why your growth may be stunted:

Scarf too tight at night

Too much heat

Braids or Ponytails too tight

Not moisturized enough

Ends getting caught up on cotton shirts

Hair not being trimmed properly

Split ends / Damaged hair

Prodcuts Used On Flat Twist:

MoroccanOil Repair Shampoo & Conditioner

Bio-Silk Leave-In Conditioner

MoroccanOil Treatment

MoriccanOil Finish

[All can be found here]

Spring/Summer Hair Tips

Posted by HenJa' on March 11, 2013 at 6:30 PM Comments comments (0)

As the seasons change from dry and cold in the winter to warm and moist during the spring and summer, our hair changes with the climate. Hair often goes from dry and full of static to frizzy and sun bleached by the end of summer. Preparing for these changes of the warmer season can help you have better hair days.

Moisture Balance: As the tempartures begin to rise and the humidity in the air increases, your conditioning habits should as well. 

Products to purchase: Bio-silk Leave-In Conditioner & MoroccanOil Treatment

Healthy Highlights/Color: Frizzy and dry ends on highlighted or lightened hair can be more pronounced in the warm season, especially if you spend a lot of time in the sun or water. 

Services to receive: Hydration treatment, or deep conditioning treatment (Consult with your stylist on type and frequency)

Extra Tips:  When swimming in pools containing shlorine, please be sure to shampoo and condition hair thoroughly after each swim. This along with Bio-silk Leave-in conditioner will help prevent chlorine build up on your hair, which can damage your hair and dry it out.

Foods to Eat for Healthy Hair and Nails

Posted by HenJa' on September 6, 2012 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Biotin/Vitamin H— Biotin can improve hair that is splitting or thinning as well as strengthen weakened nails Foods to try: Bananas, beans, cauliflower, eggs, peanuts, salmon

Omega-3 Fatty Acids—To get shinier hair, introduce more omega-3s into your diet, which “help support scalp health and may give your locks extra luster and shine. Foods to try: Eggs, flaxseed, fish oil, salmon, spinach, tuna, walnuts and sardines

Protein—Protein intake is important for many reasons, notably when it comes to hair and nails. Foods to try: Chciekn, eggs, lean red meats, lowfat dairy, nute, seafood, soybeans and grains

Vitamin A—Vitamin A helps produce a conditioning substance for the scalp known as sebum, which keeps hair looking and feeling healthy. In addition to these beauty benefits, this vitamin contributes to better eye health and immune system function. Foods to try: Apricots, broccoli, cantaloupe, carrots, cheddar cheese, egg yolks, mango, oatmeal, and sweet potatoes.

Zinc— Zinc is a component of hundreds of enzymes in the body, some which regulate the body’s ability to make new proteins that become building blocks of healthy hair and nails. Foods to try: Cashews, green beans, lean beef, lobster, oysters, and soybeans


Weave 101 - The Truth Behind It All

Posted by HenJa' on June 9, 2012 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (42)


Weave 101 - The TRUTH Behind It All


I'm finding that a lot of people are misinformed on what is good weave and what is bad weave. You have Yaki Hair, "Human" Hair, Synthetic Hair, "Virgin" Remy, and Virgin Indian, Peruvian, Brazilian, Malaysian and SO much more from other countries. 


The first 4 hairs that I named are BAD Weave. Yaki hair comes from the Yak animal (sheep, horse, etc), "human" hair is a blend of animal hairs and "human" hair, synthetic hair is a form of plastic blended with hair, and "virgin" Remy is everything BUT virgin! None of these hairs come for a real person that is a hair donor.


The term VIRGIN means non processed, non - chemicalized (I made that word up lol) , and in its natural state. "VIRGIN REMY" for example, is bought in a PACK with a COLOR (ie 1B, 2, 4, etc) so how can that even be considered VIRGIN? THINK ABOUT IT!  On average a person will spend about $85+ a pack on Remy and throw it away after 2-4 months. IT'S A WASTE OF YOUR MONEY AND YOUR TIME! 


I sell virgin hair and the lowest price is $65 for a 12" & 14". This hair can be REUSED for up to a YEAR and sometimes MORE if you take good care of it like its your own. So let's do a little math. On average, a person will buy 2 packs of Remy totaling $170 before taxes. After taxes it'll be around $185. People that spend THAT much money on remy hair, I've noticed will keep their sew-in in for 3-4 months (which is TOTALLY UNEXCEPTABLE!) then throw the hair away and buy new hair. So, if you take $185 x 4 for an entire years worth of weave, the lowest a person will spend is $740, and that's not including the installation. 


Now, with TRUE virgin hair, you are able to color the hair whateverrrrrr color you want, creating a better blend between your hair and the virgin hair. The QUALITY is so much better. You can buy wavy hair and wear it wavy or flat iron it, or curl it. Virgin hair is supposed to be JUST LIKE IT'S YOUR HAIR. Like I stated before, the lowest amount is $65 for a 12" & 14" In virgin hair. If I were to buy 2 bundles of hair for a partial sew-in it would only cost me $130. (most the time vendors that sell Virgin hair do not tax b/c it is included in the price). So already the price is $50 cheaper than the "virgin Remy". This hair will last for up to a year and sometimes longer. Meaning, you would NOT HAVE TO PURCHASE ANYYYYYMORE HAIR FOR THE YEAR. As opposed to the $740 spent on Remy per year. That's a $610 difference! 


Typically, I shampoo my hair with my virgin hair in once a week. (it doesn't damage the hair or change the state). And I redo my sew-ins every month and a half because my hair grows fast. No one should keep a sew-in in LONGER THAN 2 months. You need to remove the hair and braids to truly cleanse your hair and scalp so that your pores are NOT being clogged. 


Virgin hair comes by the bundle, which means it is not in a package like the hair store sells and can not be bought out of a hair store, NO MATTER WHAT A PERSON TELLS YOU. Once again, IT CAN NOT BE BOUGHT OUT OF A HAIR STORE. Each bundle can range from 2-4 oz. Usually 6-8 ounces are needed for a sew-in depending on HOW much of your hair you are leaving out and the length of the weave you are purchasing. The longer the weave, the more bundles you will need to create fullness. 


TRUE Virgin hair is an investment. Be kind to your head and purchase the best that you can for it. All in all, you may end up spending more at once on virgin hair then you would in Remy (if you are looking for a longer inch), but in the long run it will save you money.


When you purchase a GOOD QUALITY type of hair, you need a person that does a GREAT QUALITY SEW-IN! There's nothing worse than good weave with a terrible sew-in. CHEAP IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER and can be very damaging to your hair under the sew-in if installed incorrectly. 


Remember, If it doesn't come in a BUNDLE, you're wasting your money. 


If you have more questions about virgin hair please comment on this blog and I will respond to you within a timely manner :). 


And if you are interested in purchasing virgin hair, click on the SHOP tab above and purchase from me.

Color It up For The Summer

Posted by HenJa' on May 29, 2012 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Summer time is officially almost here, and I know if I'm seeing LOTS of blondes and reds around Atlanta, they've got to be everywhere.


When going blonde, be sure to have a professional do it. Not every hair stylist is a "professional". Anyone can go to school, and pass a test for a license; it doesn't mean they passionately love their craft and try to perfect it. So randomly picking a person and going to them for the first time for a color is not your best bet when it comes to blonde.


I can tell you from first hand experience that I have learned from my cosmetologist mentor that blonde can be achieved WITHOUT BLEACH! I've used it on 3 of my clients so far, two wanted highlights and another wanted her weave more of a honey blonde color.


The method is a simple professional color and it can not be purchased by a person without a license and should not be performed by a person without a license.


If you were to go to a stylist today and ask for blonde without bleach, about 95% of them would tell you that it is not possible. Consider my knowledge of coloring hair RARE :). I'm all about healthy hair and having fun while maintaining that state. And it's so easy to have blonde hair, and have it be healthy and not fall out.


Sorry, but I will not share the exact line that I use (that's like giving away a secret to my most willing powers lol). So come see me in Atlanta for an amazing hair experience :).


Also, if you have virgin hair that you would like to have colored blonde, send me an email for pricing --> [email protected]

Transitioning or Stretching

Posted by HenJa' on April 12, 2012 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Recently had someone ask me of styles they could wear to stretch out their relaxer.

You have some people that are addicted to creamy crack (relaxers), those that want to transition (natural), and those that are relaxed and want to stretch out the length in between each retouch. The 6-8 weeks is a time frame that is given for retouches, it can be longer if you take care of your hair.

Here are a few styles that you can use to help with either process.


Twists are great styles that can be used for both natural and relaxed hair. If done properly, it can serve as one of many protective style. There are far more people out there that braid hair incorrectly than there are that do it correctly. Note: when doing flat twist, proceed on damp hair

Braid Outs

Braids are an easy way to stretch out the time length of a relaxer or for a transition. When finding a braider, don't just hire anyone. Be sure they do not braid too tightly so that your edges are protected.

Bantu Knots

These are usually used for natural hair, but do well on relaxed hair as well. You can choose to wear the knots or let them down creating a curl pattern of your choice. (Pattern determined by size of knot). To hold knots into place, you can wrap the hair around the knot, use bobby pins or elastic bands.


Buns are the easiest fix. Be sure to use an elastic bow and not to pull the hair too tightly, as this can cause breakage. You can choose to have a messy bun, chignon, or a clean bun. If you find that your hair is not tacked down enough to your expectations, use a headband or scarf to jazz up the style.

Wet Set

Rods or roller sets can get the job done. Rods will do better because you will be able to create a curl pattern of any size, even one similar to your new grow/natural hair.

(All photos found on

Creamy Crack [Update]

Posted by HenJa' on February 28, 2012 at 7:10 PM Comments comments (0)

I discovered this creamy crack a while ago; and NO it isnt a relaxer!

It's actually a hydrating mask derived from Moroccan Argan Trees, it smells wonderful and leaves the hair so silky, shiny and looking full of life. It's great for people who are suffering from breakage and dry hair. I've used it every week since discovering it, I've also used it on my female AND male clients; they too seem to love it.

What this mask actually does is hydrates and restores hair's natural moisture balance. It helps restructure the hair's protective film to shield it from damage and helps repair dry, damaged hair leaving it smooth, shiny and manageable with renewed elasticity.

And the best thing about it; NO HEAT IS NEEDED!

The reviews I've received from this product have all been good ones! I use this on my hair when I sit under the hydrater (steamer), it's great.

Order your bottle today from here

Sew-In Photos

Posted by HenJa' on February 25, 2012 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Here are photos of BEFORE my sew-in and AFTER. For the full Sew-In blog click here

Before (June 2011)

After (January 2012)

I highly recommend anyone that is looking to grow their hair out to try a sew-in out.

Visit my HD Hair page for Hair Installation prices

5 Tips To Make Your Hair Look Fuller

Posted by HenJa' on February 1, 2012 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (0)

"5 Tips To Make Your Hair Look Fuller" 

1. Try a shorter hairstyle or cut layers to add fullness to  help the overall style to appear thicker. A medium to short bob is a great way to transform long, straggly hair into a fuller style. A few long layers or lots of short razored layers are a great boost as well. Be sure that whatever still you do pick, fits the shape of your face. (A  blog will be up about face shapes and the perfect styles soon)


2. Try adding contrasting colors to your strands to add dimension and depth to your hairstyle. This can be achieved easily with high or lowlights of your choice.


3. A good blowout and correct product usage can do a lot to transform the appearance of your hair. Use a volume boosting shampoo and conditioner and try drying your hair with a round brush, giving lift at the roots. Simple volume boosting techniques can really help your hair to appear thicker.


4. Add some temporary or permanent wave to your hair with hot rollers, a roller set or tight curls. Curls and waves can do wonders for seemingly thin and lifeless hair. 


5. Hair extensions are a great way to add thickness to hair and are the ‘go-to’ option for so many people. You can either purchase clip ins or sew in pieces here and there within your hair. 


Blog Response - "Loss of hairline/edges"

Posted by HenJa' on January 31, 2012 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Blog Response - Coda


"My aunt has breakage at her hairline that falls right back out after a little growth. Is there any products or methods she can use to regain her hairline? Her hair is now locked"


Thanks for submitting your question. First and foremost the problem lies within the tension your aunt receives when getting her hair relocked. Most people that have locks do suffer from thinned out hairlines or just a falling out of their edges. This is especially true when individuals wear up-do styles with their locks. 


What your aunt can do to help her hairline grow back is to use hot sauce on her hairline every night. (It may seem weird, but give it a try :) ) She only needs about a dime size each night and she needs to rub it in. What this will do is promote circulation among the hairline thus promoting hair growth. 


Hopefully her follicles have not been damaged from the extreme tension. 


More things she should try:


1. Sleep with a silk scarf around the perimeter of her head (do not tie tightly)

2. Ask that her edges are not twisted so tightly 

3. Drink lots of water

4. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits


Hope this helps. 

Why So High?

Posted by HenJa' on January 29, 2012 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

"Why So High?!"


Many people feel as though the only way to achieve straight hair is to turn their flat irons to the MAX temp. This is totally not the answer. 


Your flat iron can achieve what it needs by using 320. I personally do not like to go higher than 340, although my flat iron can reach 450. If you've ever touched the plates on a flat iron and been burned, you can only imagine what it can do to your hair. 


Investing in a GOOD flat iron is a must of you like to do your own hair or don't like to visit the salon frequently. Flat irons from Walmart are no good (ANDIS) in my opinion. Find flat irons that are ionic and ceramic. These help your hair in many ways by locking oils in and adding natural shine with no produces. The better the flat iron, the less the work and better the outcome. 


Don't like doing your hair? Pay someone who knows what they are doing to do it for you. I find that many people who do their own hair try so hard to get it to look salon quality and constantly want to add heat everyday for a fresh look. 


Minimize the heat, your hair will thank you


Posted by HenJa' on January 28, 2012 at 10:55 AM Comments comments (4)

Wearing weaves has been the fad for awhile now. But, many people seem to forget that they have hair themselves under the weaves that needs to be taken care of! It is so important to take care of YOUR hair under your weave. I have had a few new clients come to me who have kept weaves in their head for over 4 months! This is a no go. I totally understand that people want to get their moneys worth, but keeping a sew-in in your hair for 4+ months without caring for it is a little extreme. 


Now with me, I am never able to reach the 2 month mark of keeping a sew-in in without getting it redone. My hair grows entirely too fast; simply because I am taking care of it. I use VIRGIN INDIAN hair which I shampoo along with my hair WEEKLY. I sit under a dryer so that my braids underneath can dry which prevents mold and other issues from occurring in my hair and scalp (very important to do).


Although virgin Indian hair may be expensive to some, I can honestly say that it is an investment; and a good one at that. This hair is called VIRGIN because it has no chemicals in it whatsoever once your receive it. You can not go to a store and ask for VIRGIN INDIAN hair in a 1B, the color must be created on its own (netter if done by a professional). I have used the same hair for over 6 months with different numerous sew-ins. All you have to do is TAKE CARE OF THE HAIR alongside yours!


On average you will spend about $250-$280 on virgin hair in the lengths of a 12" & 14".  So let's think about it. If you go to a beauty supply store and buy a high end brand of weave, you're probably going to spend about $160-$200 give or take. But, you'll only use that hair ONCE, maybe TWICE. Whereas with about $80 more, you can buy hair that will last you a minimum time frame of a year (if taken care of properly). 


I urge everyone that I come across who says they want a sew-in to buy virgin Indian hair because it is so easy to care for while in your hair and you can pretty much say it's yours. 


As far as people going to $50 weave shops and getting cheap sew-ins, you get what you pay for. Many wonder why they get sew-ins and their hair is more damaged, broken off and coming out.


Things I would not recommend associated with weaves:

Quick weaves

Invisible parts (unless they are sewed in)

Cotton thread (soaks moisture out of your hair)



Once again, INVEST in yourself and your hair. When you look beautiful on the outside, it makes you FEEL so much more beautiful on the inside :)

If you have any more questions about sew-ins that I may not have touched enough on for you, please comment & ask away :). Thanks  

My Hair Won't Grow

Posted by HenJa' on January 27, 2012 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (0)

"My hair won't grow!"


Your hair is made of protein called keratin and needs vitamins to support its growth and strength.

So let's think of some reasons why your hair won't grow: maybe your diet isn't right, you're not receiving the correct amount of blood circulation, you're letting any and everyone do your hair for cheap, too much tension from ponytails and braids, etc.



Your diet has a lot to do with hair growth. On average, awesome hair won't grow more than an 1 1/2 inches a month; some people's hair grows faster. Eating green foods and fruits promote the vitamins you need for hair growth and so many other things. WATER is your best friend for your hair. It not only promises hair growth but cleanses your body while moisturizing not only your skin, but also your scalp.


Blood circulation is everything. Many people who have lost their edges from excessive tension do not realize that their hair doesn't grow back because the blood is not circulation properly. Ways to promote great blood circulation include stimulation of the scalp. This can easily be achieved by going to get your hair shampooed by someone else who will take the time to care for your hair and scalp.


A few things that you can do to help promote hair growth:

1. Take vitamins (Biotin) >> beware, biotin pills WILL promote raid hair growth in places other than your head

2. Sew-in (braids should not be too tight to causing extreme tension.)

3. Limit the amount of heat applied to hair

4. Moisturize your hair. (As stated in my previous blog, hydration therapy is a GREAT way to Moisturize your hair)

5. CUT your split ends. (holding on to them will on make your hair worse. Untreated split-ends continue to split. They can eventually teach your scalp and cause greater damage)

6. Eliminate or minimize ponytails (never use rubber bands)

7. Do NOT use Sponge rollers (they soak the moisture out of your hair)

8. Last but not least, you get what you pay for. Find the money to invest in YOURSELF & your appearance. It is very important to let people who know the history of hair and the correct way of styling hair to work on you.

Hydration Therapy

Posted by HenJa' on January 22, 2012 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (0)


Hydration Therapy


The hydrating machine is really hot right now in salons. It takes "deep conditioning" to another level. What's different from sitting under a dryer and a hydrator is that the regular dryer provides heat, whereas the hydrator provides steam. Excessive heat can and eventually will cause damage to the hair. Steam on the other hand, opens your cuticles allowing the moisture to enter the hair shaft to allow maximum conditioning. 


Not only is the hydrator great for your hair, it also exfoliates your face at the same time - a 2 for 1 deal. 


This is especially good for women with relaxed hair, colored hair, and women that suffer from dry scalp, and pityriasis of the scalp (better known as dandruff). The feeling that the hydrator leaves in your hair is remarkable. It's like nothing you've ever experienced, and you will be come addicted lol. 


More Benefits of Hydration Therapy

#1 Increases circulation in scalp leading to better hair growth

#2 Cleases scalp, removing dirt and dead skin

#3 Leaves your hair soft and smooth

#4 Stops dryness and hair breakage

#5 Makes hair stronger and healthier


I highly recommend that everyone try the hydrator ONCE in their lifetime, I guarantee it will not be a one time thing. 


If you are in the Atlanta area and would like to be apart of the "hydrating experience", contact me, it is available at The J Miles Salon where I work. :)  

Healthy Hair

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Healthy hair is my main and top priority; BEFORE styling. You can't possibly have a grand style if your hair is not healthy and in the proper state.


As stated in the previous blog I listed, was to retrieve healthy hair.


1) Shampoo your hair WEEKLY

We as African American women and women of color like to go longer than a week without cleaning our hair. WHY IS THAT?! Not shampooing your hair can cause build up or dandruff, debris and so many other problems. Shampooing your hair TOO much if you are a woman of color can cause your scalp to become dry. We need our natural oils from our body's to transfer to our scalp.

(Hint: GREASE is not NEEDED!!! I despise grease of all kinds)


2) Condition your hair

After every shampoo, a conditioner should apply. I used to do hot oil treatments once a month to help with the dryness of my hair, now what I do is receive a deep conditioning with a leave in conditioner.

I also used Queen Helens Cholestoral. This was because I decided to do it on my own at home. A professional CCosmetologist will use salon based products to nurse your hair back to health.


3) Apply heat ONCE a week

Shampoo your hair once a week, and once you style it, do not add more heat until the next time you shampoo it. Wrapping your hair is a great was to make hair styles last along side pin curling it. If you love to sleep in rollers, please do not use sponge rollers, the absorb all natural oils in the hair, leaving it dry, which can cause breakage.


4) Try not to 'chemicalize' your hair

If your hair is damaged, one of the quickest ways to help deter the problem ;besides cutting it all off, would be to vow to not put as many chemicals in your hair. If you must receive a relaxer, please go to a professional. So many times I have seen a client with damaged and over processed hair because they let someone out a relaxer in their head, or they themselves do it. This is all bad.


5) Ponytails = a no no

There is so much wrong with wearing a ponytail; improperly. Too much tension causes breakage, and that is what we are trying to get away from. If you can, do not wear ponytails. If you are getting your hair shampooed once a week anyway, your style should look decent enough by the end of that week to not have to wear a ponytail

6) Diet

Drink lots of water, eat fruits and vegetables. Simple.

7) Whatever you do, DO NOT hold on to your damaged hair

Damaged hair must be CUT in order become healthy. It will only become worse. Keeping split ends and going longer than 2 months without a cut or trim can cause serve damage to your scalp. The split end will continue to split until they reach your scalp, thus creating a big problem that may result in the stunt growth of that hair particular follicle.

Remember: DEAD hair can not be brought back to life, no matter what companies may tell you just to get ypur money

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