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Question - Allison

Posted by HenJa' on June 8, 2012 at 2:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Question: What kind of hair dye do you use on virgin Brazilian hair, to darken it to black or achieve a chestnut brown color??? I heard certain dyes may dry the hair out.


Answer: I'm a professional so I only use professional lines. But, before I became a professional I used Clairol (can be purchased at Sally's). Be sure to find a liquid color with soy. 


Although my true recommendation would be to have a professional color it so that it's done properly & isn't detrimental to the quality of the hair. 


There's so much more to the chemistry of achieving a color than just picking one, slapping it on, and receiving the outcome that you see on a swatch or box. 

Color It up For The Summer

Posted by HenJa' on May 29, 2012 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Summer time is officially almost here, and I know if I'm seeing LOTS of blondes and reds around Atlanta, they've got to be everywhere.


When going blonde, be sure to have a professional do it. Not every hair stylist is a "professional". Anyone can go to school, and pass a test for a license; it doesn't mean they passionately love their craft and try to perfect it. So randomly picking a person and going to them for the first time for a color is not your best bet when it comes to blonde.


I can tell you from first hand experience that I have learned from my cosmetologist mentor that blonde can be achieved WITHOUT BLEACH! I've used it on 3 of my clients so far, two wanted highlights and another wanted her weave more of a honey blonde color.


The method is a simple professional color and it can not be purchased by a person without a license and should not be performed by a person without a license.


If you were to go to a stylist today and ask for blonde without bleach, about 95% of them would tell you that it is not possible. Consider my knowledge of coloring hair RARE :). I'm all about healthy hair and having fun while maintaining that state. And it's so easy to have blonde hair, and have it be healthy and not fall out.


Sorry, but I will not share the exact line that I use (that's like giving away a secret to my most willing powers lol). So come see me in Atlanta for an amazing hair experience :).


Also, if you have virgin hair that you would like to have colored blonde, send me an email for pricing --> [email protected]

Transitioning or Stretching

Posted by HenJa' on April 12, 2012 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Recently had someone ask me of styles they could wear to stretch out their relaxer.

You have some people that are addicted to creamy crack (relaxers), those that want to transition (natural), and those that are relaxed and want to stretch out the length in between each retouch. The 6-8 weeks is a time frame that is given for retouches, it can be longer if you take care of your hair.

Here are a few styles that you can use to help with either process.


Twists are great styles that can be used for both natural and relaxed hair. If done properly, it can serve as one of many protective style. There are far more people out there that braid hair incorrectly than there are that do it correctly. Note: when doing flat twist, proceed on damp hair

Braid Outs

Braids are an easy way to stretch out the time length of a relaxer or for a transition. When finding a braider, don't just hire anyone. Be sure they do not braid too tightly so that your edges are protected.

Bantu Knots

These are usually used for natural hair, but do well on relaxed hair as well. You can choose to wear the knots or let them down creating a curl pattern of your choice. (Pattern determined by size of knot). To hold knots into place, you can wrap the hair around the knot, use bobby pins or elastic bands.


Buns are the easiest fix. Be sure to use an elastic bow and not to pull the hair too tightly, as this can cause breakage. You can choose to have a messy bun, chignon, or a clean bun. If you find that your hair is not tacked down enough to your expectations, use a headband or scarf to jazz up the style.

Wet Set

Rods or roller sets can get the job done. Rods will do better because you will be able to create a curl pattern of any size, even one similar to your new grow/natural hair.

(All photos found on

How To Match Your Hair Color & Clothing!

Posted by HenJa' on April 11, 2012 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Not only does your hair accent an astonishing outfit you just put together, but the color of your hair can make it POP even more. Many don't know the complimentary colors on the color wheel. They are as follows: Orange/Blue, Red/Green, and Yellow/Indigo(purple). Although the complimentary wheel can only apply to about one hair color, it is useful to know when wearing that perfect outfit.

Red Heads

Being the green is the complimentary color for red, red heads should look towards wearing more greens. the lighter the shade of your hair, the lighter the green clothing should be. Be weary of wearing red shirts with red hair, a clash may come about! If you are so inclined to wear red with red hair, wear the red as far away from your hair as possible.

Other colors that compliment red hair: Natural and earth tones such as beiges, browns, camel, dark and olive greens, orange reds and gold.

Brunette & Black Hair

Just because your hair is dark, doesn't mean you have to be too. Liven up your appearance and spirit with these colors: cool reds, hot pink, black, pure white, turquoise, royal blue, fuchsia, cool pastel colors, bright yellow, bright red.

Blonde Hair

Being a blonde has its perks; as well as its jokes. But, this is the hair that combines with the perfect combination of colors! You can go dark or be bright. Here are the colors: chocolate brown, camel, gentle earth tones, orange, peaches, navy, bright greens


Posted by HenJa' on February 2, 2012 at 1:30 PM Comments comments (0)





Although natural seems to be the new way to go, many are still getting relaxers; including myself. My hair is entirely too thick to be natural and unmanageable otherwise. I have found that converting to a LO lye relaxer from a NO lye relaxer has still continued to help me.


With the LO lye relaxer, it is more so used as a "curl relaxer". What I mean by this is it will loosen your curls just like your ordinary NO lye relaxer, but it will not typically be AS "bone straight". I must admit, before converting, I didn't believe it would do much for my hair, but it has. And since, I have not gone back to NO lye relaxers. 


My NO lye has nearly grown all the way out of my hair. If wanted, I could easily two strand twist my hair for a curly effect and it would hold better than ever before.


On top of this, the LO lye relaxer is less harmful to the hair. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THAT ANYONE tries to put a relaxer of ANY KIND in their own hair.  This can cause your hair to be over processed, dry and lifeless.


Now, boxed perms are a NO NO. Chemicals should always be done by a professional. There are so many hidden steps that ordinary individuals do not understand or recognize about hair and taking care of it when it comes to chemicals. 


Although all professional items can be purchased at your ordinary beauty and drug stores, I do NOT RECOMMEND that either. Most of the time all of these products are old and have been sold down to beauty supply stores at a reduced price. Be kind and true to your hair, and it will return the favor with beautiful movement and shine :).



LO Lye Relaxer PROS:


- Contains Shea Butter, an excellent moisturizer and conditioner

- Has low level sodium hydroxide 

- Gently loosens bonds for manageability and control 

- Keeps hair smooth and silky

- Ideal for texturing

- Leaves hair looking fuller, thicker and stronger

- Provides the option of going from curly to straight and back again



*For professional use ONLY*


9 Hair Trends To Try in 2012

Posted by HenJa' on January 31, 2012 at 6:55 PM Comments comments (0)

9 Hair Trends To Try in 2012


#1 Face Framing Highlights

Cute and perfect for the person that doesn't want to put too much color in their hair, but wants to have something to add a dazzle to their look. 

It's a fresh way to transition into spring. The roots and the crown of the head will be darker, but the highlights around the face will make the color transition seem more gradual.


#2 Straight Waves

Beach waves are cute, but towards the end of 2011 and so far in 2012, large straight waves have been the way to go. It's less of a curl and easier to upkeep at home, Less heat involved! (always a plus).

A very easy way to achieve this: Plat 3 or 4 larger braids in your wet hair, and let them air dry, (or you can chose to sit under the dryer; if in a rush, blow dry). Once dry, take the braids out. You can wear them just as is, or you can choose to flat iron the waves to make them looser.


#3 Faux Bob with Chignon (messy bun)


If your hair is too long, you can create a bob simple by curling your hair. Once curled, add a mess side bun to complete the style :) 


#4 Braided Up Do


One of my favs! Whenever my hair is not up to par with my expectations, I ALWAYS throw a braid or 2 somewhere in the front. With this style, you can customize, play and have fun creating your own do.


#5 The Layered Bob


This bob isn't your ordinary clean cut Bob. This year, many stylists are doing chopped layers. This cut can be worn both messy, and cutely curled :). 


#6 Hydration Therapy


2012 so far is all about repairing hair, and less about chemicals. Deep conditioning has been taken to a new level. This conditioning adds steam, not heat to the conditioning process. Read my recent blog on Hydration Therapy to learn more. 


#7 Clip-in extensions


A fast and convince way to add length and density to your hair :). You can do so much with these. (Blog coming soon) (if interested in customized clip-ins, contact me)


#8 Warm Tones


Blondes and honey colors are resurfacing. 


#9 Long Wispy Bangs


This look is also perfect if you want to grow out bangs if you already have them without the awkward in-between stage. They blend in with the rest of your cut and can be easily swept to the side.




2012 Hair Color Trends

Posted by HenJa' on January 30, 2012 at 10:40 AM Comments comments (0)

"2012 Hair color Trends"

Hair color is a physical change that can be made to most hair. Some people have high resistant hair that just will not color. In this blog I'll tell you what's hot that'll set you aside from everyone else getting the old ordinary usual colors that constantly occur.  I myself just went from a Red tone And put a brown tone on top which then made my hair color more of a burgundy. If you ever go red, realize that red is the hardest color to upkeep as well as the hardest color to get out. 

*I highly recommend that ALL colors be done by a professional*

Here are the trends: 

#1 Warm Tones Deep reds, rich browns and softer colors of blonde are all in demand. Many women are also requesting 2 to 4 different shades of a color to give the hair the perception of more depth and to avoid the same color all over the entire head. 

#2 Bold, Vibrant Shades Another very hot hair coloring trend is bold, vibrant shades. Colors such as purple, blue, red and green are seeing a strong reemergence in the hair coloring market.  Many clients are requesting these daring colors mixed in with browns, blacks, reds and blondes to give them a bolder, more original look. This can be achieved WITHOUT looking like Nicki Minaj herself!

#3 Gray Probably one of the most surprising colors is gray. Believe it or not, women are seeing this once dreaded shade through a whole new set of eyes.  One of the hottest trends is ???Gray lights??? and white/gray bases. These colors have become very popular with affluent trendsetters and models and the movement is beginning to trickle down to the average person. It can be fashionable without making you look of age. 

If you're afraid to color your hair, try purchasing some customized clip-ins to add the color in :).

Visit the HD Hair page for prices. 

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